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Offline Promotion for Your Online Strategy

01 Dec 2010 5:21 AM | Jennifer (Administrator)

To increase your following and take your social media reach offline, you’ll want to take every opportunity to share your social networking profiles. The more people that become aware of your presence on the social networks that you’re a part of, the more opportunity there is for you to connect, friend and find followers.


Here are five ways to promote social networking offline:


Business Cards – make your business card social media friendly and include links to your Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts, make it easy for new contacts to find you or your business


Marketing materials – Include your social profiles on flyers, brochures, programs, handouts or any marketing material


Storefront windows if you are a local business, you can generate your own Quick Response (QR) code to place in your window and use this code to encourage Foursquare checkins. More information on QR codes can be found here


Vehicle Use your vehicle and a sticker from BumperTwit to get more followers on Twitter


Offline events if you’re attending or hosting networking events, meetups and live in-person events, take pictures and videos of people and share the experience on Facebook and Twitter


Creative use QR codes to link directly to your videos, pictures, portfolio or website, the codes can be printed on postcards, flyers or any item that can be scanned


How are you promoting your social media profiles offline? Share your comments in the box below.


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